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Su-17 (1949) advanced prototype

1:72 €24.00
€24.00 (ex.VAT)

The Su-17 (Samolet R)  was designed to closely match the theoretical TsAGI calculations for supersonic performance. The aircraft had a 50° swept...

Scale model Outlet

Ye-50 experimental interceptor with rocket engine

1:72 €25.00
€25.00 (ex.VAT)

(Rocket-boosted high-altitude interceptor project, terminated before construction)

Scale model Outlet

An-225 "Mriya" Superheavy transporter

1:72 €435.00
€435.00 (ex.VAT)

The An-225 “Mriya” was designed in Ukrainian SSR for the needs of Soviet space program. In 80’s of XX century, Soviet Union finalized its w...

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